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What draws me back

My spiritual journey has not been a straight line. No where close to it, in fact. I’ve investigated many different religious and spiritual traditions, and I have found value in each one. Each one has given me new ways to view life and new tools to help me live it better.

But no matter how much value I find in other faiths, I am always drawn back to Christianity despite my issues with the way that it often manifests in the world. I’m sure some of this is a result of having grown up in this tradition and being surrounded by a culture that is immersed in this worldview. That’s not all it is, though.

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Yoga and religion

Yoga is not a religion. I hear that often, and I have to agree. Yoga never refers to any specific god or goddess. Although it does acknowledge that there is some kind of higher power, it leaves this higher power undefined.

As I continue through yoga teacher training, however, I am increasingly aware of just how much yoga is a spiritual practice. Although many people think of yoga only as the physical postures that make up the asana practice, even those physical postures are designed as one route (among several that yoga offers) to bring about greater spiritual wholeness.

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