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Divine restlessness

“There is a divine restlessness in the human heart. Though our bodies maintain an outer stability and consistency, the heart is an eternal nomad. No circle of belonging can ever contain all the longings of the human heart.” ~John O’Donohue

I know this longing and this restlessness well. I have often described myself as a seeker because it seems like I have never found any religion, philosophy, or worldview that has been able to address this longing of my heart in a way that makes sense. I am always looking further to find answers.

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Seeking God

“God refuses to be an object for attachment because God desires full love, not addiction. Love born of true freedom, love free from attachment, requires that we search for a deepening awareness of God, just as God freely reaches out to us.” ~Gerald May in Addiction and Grace (as quoted by inward/outward)

I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life, from my earliest memories. My childhood was steeped in religion as I grew up in a household that revolved around the church. Although I have wandered far afield from the beliefs and practices of my youth, that urge toward the spiritual has never left me. While it remains as strong as ever, I’ve noticed that the focus of this drive has shifted over the years.

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What defines you?

“So what defines you?”

Someone asked me this question today in the context of a getting-to-know-you conversation, skipping right past all of the usual what-do-you-do, where-are-you-from, what-are-your-hobbies kind of questions right to this one. It made me stop and think.

What does define me? I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that before.

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