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Contemplative life as success

In one of my recent yoga teacher training classes, we talked about the way that our families of origin defined success and how that definition had affected our lives over the years. The conversation got me thinking about the ways that I currently define success. That is one of the many things that has shifted—and continues to shift—during this journey.

Part of my definition of success would now be living the kind of life where I can’t tell the difference between my work and my play. Part of my definition would now involve living a contemplative life as Elizabeth Janeway describes it below. Continue reading

Trying a new thing

I am finding it increasingly hard to keep up with my daily blog posts while also trying to keep up with yoga teacher training and all of the extra chores that Spring is bringing in the yard.

I don’t want to lose the daily posting because keeping to the accountability to write daily works better for me than trying to allow myself a day off now and then, but I just don’t have the energy to post my usual lengthy posts every day of the week right now. So I am going to try a new thing.

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The cost of the good opinion of others

“Who would you be if you didn’t want the ongoing good opinion of others?” ~Jaya the Trust Coach

Having the good opinion of others has always been of vital importance to me. This is even true of complete strangers; I can’t bear the feeling of knowing someone (anyone!) doesn’t think well of me. This inability to bear it is exponentially worse when it comes to people I love and am close to. Encountering their disapproval or disappointment in me just about sends me into complete panic mode.

I react to others’ disapproval with profound feelings of shame writhing through my being and an agony of fear and discomfort coursing through my veins. I often feel as if my entire body will start writhing around in an external show of my internal torture. (Although I am usually able to resist doing anything more than hand wringing when in the presence of others.)

So when I read the title of Jaya the Trust Coach’s March newsletter, You want the good opinion of others–are you sure?, my immediate response was “Yes, of course!”

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Compulsive apologies

If you find yourself apologizing often it might be time to look at why you feel compelled to say ‘I’m sorry’ so often.” ~DailyOM

The quote above comes from a wonderful blog post on DailyOM titled The Feeling Underneath: Compulsive Apologies. I’ve had people point out to me for many years that I tend to apologize too much. I tend to try to rein in that tendency a bit each time someone points it out to me, but it’s always a temporary reduction in apologies because I’ve never addressed the reasons why I do it.

I worked with a woman at my last job that finally inspired me to dig a little deeper. Continue reading

Power, intuition, integrity, and authenticity

“Giving away our power is something we have been taught since childhood by unaware adults in our lives.” ~DailyOM

The quote above was the headline quote in DailyOM’s recent post entitled Repressing the Inner Voice (well worth reading). This post talks about how we are taught early in life to begin ignoring our inner voice as we are forced to do things like hug and kiss relatives when we don’t want to. This sort of conditioning continues even when we are grown in the many ways we are required to act in order to be socially acceptable.

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