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Consciously following rabbit holes

“Following something that appears to be a distraction is not a waste of time, if—and it’s a big all-caps IF—you can do it consciously.” ~Havi Brooks

Havi Brooks, of The Fluent Self, made the statement above in her blog post for today entitled Follow the rabbit holes. She encourages the conscious pursuit of rabbit holes because these so often turn out to hold messages from our subconscious selves that wind up leading us in new directions or feeding our creative juices at critical moments. (The entire post is well worth reading.)

I must confess that I have a thing about rabbit holes.

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After NaBloPoMo

With this post, I have now successfully completed NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for 2010 by posting at least once every day for the month of November! (And because I started the daily posting in late October, this is actually my 38th consecutive posting day.) As sporadic as my posting has tended to be in the past, this is a significant accomplishment for me, and I’m feeling quite proud of myself for having the discipline to stick with it. In the process of doing this, I’ve reminded myself of my love of writing, had the chance to explore a bit of what my voice might truly sound like, and have processed some of the emotional and psychological junk I’ve been experiencing by getting the words out on the screen. I’m so glad I stepped up to the challenge!

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