About me

I am a middle-aged woman living in the Midwest US who is undergoing a period of complete transformation in many areas of my life. This blog is a chance to explore the changing thought patterns, self-perceptions, and belief systems in a safe (and anonymous) place.

I am a lover of trees and of nature. The woods are where I am most at peace.

I am a lover of books, of writing, of words. I collect quotes that make me think. I surround myself with books that I count as friends.

I am a lover of solitude and quiet. I love nothing more than unscheduled time home alone with my books and my writing.

I am a healer, a seeker, a lover of truth and beauty, a lonely soul who aches for deep connection.

I am a person of deep faith who— as a woman, a lesbian, and a progressive—struggles to find a welcoming home within the faith tradition of her childhood, but who is also unwilling to walk away from her experience of the divine that she has known.

I thirst for knowledge and am always trying to learn new things. I ache for wisdom and reach with continual hope to understand myself, others, and life in ever-deepening ways.

I am a yoga teacher, a life coach, a Reiki Practitioner, and a struggling meditator.

I am learning how to dance with joy in the midst of my journey through the chrysalis, letting go of who I have been and looking forward to who I am becoming.

Thank you for joining me on my journey through this transformation from brokenness to greater wholeness.


23 thoughts on “About me

  1. Found you by chance – the best kind of discovery! I think perhaps we are twins and on the same path… Your words are beautiful…and courageous…and full of light. Take hope that you are being heard.

  2. Hi KJ, I’ve nominated you for another award! LOL This time it’s for the Booker Award if you’re interested. Just check my blog for the post about it and you’ll find the details there. Totally voluntary of course 🙂

  3. I can completely relate to your perspective. It’s nice to know there are others on this same path with me, even if we are physically distant from one another. My own journey through transformation is being documented on a different blog, My Soul Leapt, in case you are interested in exploring. 🙂 Wishing you a peace-filled shedding process. ❤

  4. Hi KJ, I am a young man who has had every opportunity presented to him in life and took full advantage of them and still felt like there was something missing or that i could have been on a different journey in life. I feel a strong connection to earth and nature and look to the blessings of mother nature to answer many of lifes crazy questions. I am writing this as i lay in bed full of thoughts and finally came to the conclusion of “Acceptance of not knowing”. So i decided to google that quote and it came up with your blog. Your words are very inspirational to me and it is very comforting knowing someone else is on the “same page” of life as i am. This is my first time ever writing a comment on a blog but after reading what you had to say i had to say something myself, Thank you

    • Hi William, I am delighted that you found your way here and that my words have brought you some comfort and encouragement. I applaud you for being willing to engage with that sense of not knowing to come to terms with what it means for you and to work toward a place a living in acceptance of that not knowing! Not everyone has the courage to take that journey, but I believe it to be a rich one when we are willing to face it. I wish you many blessings of your journey, and I thank you for taking the time to comment!

  5. Hi KJ,

    So many of us are on a journey of self discovery and it is cool to find a kindred spirit. I am slowly becoming aware, though there are times when it is easier to still be asleep. How delightful to find your blog and relate with what you are learning. I continue to set an intention of being open, allowing and willing to what Spirit has to teach me – I often am afraid I will miss the message.

    Keep wring because not only does it help you, it is great for those of us who need to know we aren’t alone out here.

    • Hi Lee, thanks so much for your comment and the encouragement. I agree that it is often easier to still be asleep, but there are so many rewards that come from being awake when I’m willing to do the hard work of waking up. It sounds like you are showing the same courage yourself in being open and listening to what Spirit has to teach you. Best of luck on your journey! I am happy to be sharing the journey with you.

  6. We are kindred spirits. I even live in the Midwest (Minneapolis). I also am a lover of nature, words, connection and spirituality. I am working my way out of the chrysalis post divorce, as an open, vulnerable, yet strong and more courageous woman. The transformation is both rough and spectacular. I’ve never felt so awake and alive. All good things to you.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, brennagee! It’s always a delight to meet kindred spirits who are on a similar journey. Welcome! I hope the blessings you are finding in your journey continue!

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  8. Hi KJ,
    I Googled “an impeded stream is the one that sings” and found the poem on your blog – thank you! The poem resonates with me and describes my life right now.
    Then I read your thoughts, and was heartened to know that there are others who have the same love of nature, of being alone in the woods (and, for me, also on the rivers), of solitude and time to reflect/meditate, time to find the path. It’s wonderful that you are taking time to live more fully and in ways that matter.
    I am well into middle age and have only recently made a new space in my life for a path ahead, one without consideration of expectations (especially my own expectations and guilt re. not paying attention to the “shoulds,” etc.). I have found that Yoga and T’ai Chi help me pay attention to the process rather than goals, benchmarks, plans, etc. This process goes against everything I’ve been taught, and I have to keep reining myself in. So I’m very much a work in progress.
    As such, this type of journey – without a road map or GPS – is not easy. But, thinking of the poem, streams wouldn’t sing without rocks and gradient!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and writing a truly inspiring blog!

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you so very much for coming to read, for sharing part of your story with me, and for your kind words about my blog. It’s always such a delight to hear from others who are on similar journeys in life! I wish you many blessings on your path of letting go of expectations and being in the midst of what is happening now.
      Thank you again!

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