Grateful for gratitude

Things have been unusually busy this week at work as a number of deadlines are all hitting at roughly the same time. In the midst of the busyness over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself letting my daily gratitude journaling slip away. I’m just so tired by the time I fall into bed each night that it feels like a burden instead of a gift to take time for that one extra task.

Despite the lapse in actively writing down the things that I’m grateful each day, I’ve found that I’ve internalized the practice of gratitude enough that I continue to look for and notice things that I’m grateful for throughout the day.

Sometimes these are big things, like the ease with which my dilemma earlier this week has worked out in a way that seems to have pleased everyone involved. Sometimes they are smaller things, like the kindness of my co-workers even when I am crabby. (In fact, when I announced my crabbiness today in response to an inquiry about how I was doing, one co-worker immediately volunteered to make me a free cup of hot cider and brought it back to me at my desk. Talk about a way to melt away a case of crabbiness in one swift move!)

When seen through the lens of gratitude, my life is filled with blessings everywhere I look!

  • The sunrises this week have been really amazing as I’ve been driving to work
  • A couple of co-workers that keep me laughing on a regular basis even when I’m stressed
  • The generosity of these same co-workers astounds me on a regular basis—from loaning me books to buying me dried apricots to volunteering to help with my to-do list to free cups of hot cider delivered to my desk
  • A boss that is supportive and appreciative of my work
  • The opportunity to work in a place that gives me so many chances to learn (including a professor that sent me his reading list for the semester so I can read along with his class at my own pace—how awesome is that?)
  • Central heating that keeps me warm in this bitter cold spell (and wood for the fireplace too!)
  • A reliable car that gets me back and forth to work and errands even in slick and snowy weather
  • A friend who encourages me to get outside and walk at lunchtime (even when it’s cold and I’m feeling wimpy), which brings sunlight, exercise, and wonderful conversation into my days
  • Readers who like and comment on my posts
  • Warm, snuggly clothes to wear as I curl up on the couch with my nose in one of the many books I’m devouring at the moment
  • A credit card dispute being resolved in my favor with a minimum of fuss and hassle

Light, love, laughter, beauty, kindness, companionship, warmth, support. What a rich and blessed life I have!

And how beautifully the lens of gratitude brings this into focus even on the hard, stressful, busy, and challenging days that arise.  It’s become a gift that helps me keep my bearings no matter what temporary storm may come along.

I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m grateful for gratitude. Life is just so much better with it!

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