Link love: Deeper stories

I love stories. In a world that values bulleted lists of quick tips, 5 steps to whatever goal you want, and easily digestible summaries of clearly stated “truth,” I find my eyes glazing over, and I go searching for stories. Stories, for me, are where the richness lies.

Truth doesn’t live (for me) in easily absorbed sound bites. It’s always found hidden in the complexities, the messiness, the paradoxes, the mysteries inherent in people’s stories. And that’s why those places draw me again and again like a magnet.

One rich source I’ve found for stories, particularly those that explore faith in the context of real life that filled with doubts and struggles and questions, is a site called A Deeper Story. It’s now divided into three sections of stories: A Deeper Story, A Deeper Family, and A Deeper Church. I chosen four posts from this site that have really captured my attention in recent months to share them with you. If you are also a lover of faith stories, you just might find this site to be a treasure trove!

Blogger Kelley wrote a post called Haunting on A Deeper Story last October, which talked about the way God’s Holiness haunts her in a way that nothing else does. She shares the many ways she glimpses God’s presence in her life through the holy moments that arise in relationships and other daily events in her life. This is a beautifully written piece that captured my attention and has me noticing as similar haunting in my own life that now, having seen it, I can’t un-see.

Also last October, blogger Ashleigh, in A Deeper Family, wrote a post called But Now I’m Found. She talks about the experience of finding God’s presence in a moment of unbelief, a moment when she was too tired to keep trying to believe anymore. I can really relate to this story and that moment of finding God in the very last place I expected. This is a beautiful, tender story.

Last September, blogger Winn Collier wrote a post called Bent and Tender in A Deeper Church that takes a look at Jesus’ response to the women caught in adultery and considers what the church can learn from that. The idea of the church learning to respond to people in this tender way gives me hope for what so often seems to me to be such a harsh and broken place.

Earlier this month, blogger John Blase wrote Not Of Or On But In in A Deeper Church looking at his relationship to the world around him and why he considers that being in the world is where we are really called to be. This is such an honest account of one man’s wrestling with how to relate to the world, and it has been a real encouragement to me.

As you can see, I’ve been coming back to a number of these posts for quite some time, and the stories shared there have been working their magic on me through these months as I have come back to them time and again. These are just a sampling of the many beautiful, evocative, and thought-provoking stories to be found there on a regular basis. They are worth checking out regularly!

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