Choosing the open path

I’ve been considering a decision that I need to make over the last couple of days. This is a relatively small decision about the possibility of donating something for a silent auction for a fundraiser. The cause is one that I support, and I don’t mind the thought of donating something to help out.

The challenge is in choosing the right thing to donate. The friend who approached me about making a donation had one thing clearly in mind as a possible donation, but as I’ve sat with that idea, it feels pinched and closed to me, like a turtle shrinking back into its shell for protection. But I quickly thought of other things that I could donate that prompt an open, joyful response deep inside.

The greater gift of this experience is that it has helped me clarify that the path related to the first possible donation has come to a dead-end for me. Trying to continue along that path (even outside of the question of this donation) is to keep dragging my past along behind me. That path does not lead to my future, and this is why it feels so closed off when I think of using it as a donation that could also advertise my offerings to others.

The second donation possibility, however, feels like it is a part of my future. The idea of donating items belonging to this path that could attract more awareness of my work fills me excitement! I am proud of what I have to offer and would be delighted to have the chance to share my work with those who might take my items home with their winning bids and with those who might simply have the chance to see what I have to offer.

It’s ironic to me that such a minor decision about one thing could create such clarity about a much bigger situation that I have been struggling with, but I’m learning to trust that sense of open vs. closed in my inner being … even when it doesn’t make sense or meet the approval of others.

I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately by trying to figure out to juggle it all. It is such a relief to have reached some clarity about what to emphasize and what to leave behind in order to move into my future with the best possible focus on what’s right for me.

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3 thoughts on “Choosing the open path

  1. Now I’m curious. I really, really want to know what the objects are! (No pressure of course, lol). But personally I love used objects that have a history behind them—I love receiving them (esp. when they come with a story), and I also love giving them away (to find a new life and become part of an even longer story). It’s true, I find it really difficult to give away some of my fave objects, like a brass owl bookend that I found in my neighbors trash when I was a kid, but I do feel good about it after. Giving is supposed to be difficult, right? (That’s not a rhetorical question; I actually don’t know the answer.)

    xoxo Ems

    • Actually, my friend wanted me to donate a gift certificate for a service, and that particular kind of work is one that I’m moving away from. Instead, I plan to donate handmade items from my Etsy store (I haven’t picked out which ones yet) because that creative work feels more like it’s a part of my future because it fits my life circumstances and my personality better. The impression I got from this particular silent auction is that they are looking for services or artwork (and the examples I’ve seen of what’s already been donated are mostly pretty high end stuff, so I don’t think they want used objects).

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