The zodiac on my ceiling

I’ve always been mystified by the zodiac and the identification of various animals and creatures from the stars whose points of light make up each sign. I could never see the how the ancients came up with the pictures they saw when they looked at the stars.

But now I find myself staring at my bedroom ceiling each morning and find myself picking out animals and people from the shadows created by my bedside lamp on the textures of the ceiling. Not unlike the game of identifying objects in cloud formations, I am well aware that I would have great difficulty getting anyone else to see the items that appear so clear to me. In fact, I often find that if I look away from the spot, I may never re-find the same item again until it magically reappears some other morning when the light is again just right.

And so, this early morning game on the edge of sleep and wakefulness has become my own practice in finding my daily zodiac reading for the day. If nothing else, it is a constant source of wonder and an exercise for my creative mind.

The zodiac on my ceiling

Photo of ceiling

My bedroom ceiling

In the early morning light
Angling across the ceiling’s texture
Today I find a dog
Sitting on his haunches
Staring at the moon.

Or maybe he’s staring
At the flamenco dancer
With the halter top
And multiple layers
Of flouncing party-skirts.

The seal expertly balancing
An apple on his nose
From yesterday morning
Has swum away
Into hiding today.

But I know he’ll swim back
Across the waves of ceiling and light
Into my ever-changing zodiac
On the sky of my room
When the season is right.

©2012 KJ Stanton

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