A better best

Today has been a day of borderline-migraine sinus headache all day, so I have not been at even a fraction of my best, but I am pleased to notice that I have come a long way in accepting that I am doing my best at any given moment than I was when I wrote the post below a little over two years ago.

Given that I have very little brain power tonight for writing anything original, I have decided to share this old post with you as a way of noting how much I’ve grown … and noting that it is possible to create change in this area. That is very good news!

Journey Through the Chrysalis

Oriah Mountain Dreamer published a blog post last week entitled Doing Our Best in which she asked the following question: “What if you and I and every person on the planet, in this moment are doing the best we can with the inner and outer resources we have?” The rest of her post went on to explore how we might see both ourselves and others differently if we look at life this way, and I strongly encourage reading her thoughts on the subject. I would do her an injustice by trying to summarize them here.

However, the part of her thinking that really captured my attention was the idea that if I accept that we really are doing the best we can with what we have, then surest route to improving our best is not blame, trying harder, or punishment—but rather an increase in the inner and outer resources that…

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