Discovering creative flow

I have a number of things I need to get done this weekend, but I decided to spend a little time making jewelry this morning because I haven’t had much chance to do that work during the work week this week. I decided to start playing around with making necklaces, which is a new thing for me.

The next thing I knew, half the day was gone and I was completely unaware of time passing. Fortunately, I also had several completed necklaces to show for it, so it wasn’t at all a waste. But I’m still fascinated by the way time just seemed to disappear while I was working.

There was a time when this only happened for me when I was reading—those occasions when I would get so caught up in a story that I’d forget that there was life elsewhere. Lately, however, this seems to be happening to me a lot when I am creating things. It happens almost every time I start making jewelry, but it also happens when I’m crocheting and sometimes even when I’m working on the “back-end” part of the work: taking pictures, editing the pictures, uploading them to Etsy, writing the descriptions, calculating prices, and all the other things that go with having an Etsy shop.

I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing about how much fun I’m having with this creative work, but I have never experienced anything like this before where I’m so drawn to doing something just for the joy of doing it. I find myself thinking about the work and coming up with new ideas all the time. I have more ideas of things I want to try than I have time to try them. (This is NOT normal for me! Ideas for new things are normally a challenge.) I’d rather be doing this creative work than just about anything else (and the state of my house rather accurately reflects that—it’s a shame I don’t find housework to be this absorbing!).

And the most amazing thing (to me) is that I love to talk about it. With other things I’ve done, I’ve felt embarrassed and uncomfortable telling people about my ventures (like offering Reiki, life coaching, or teaching yoga). I was afraid that people would see me as pushy or always trying to sell them something. Now I find myself mentioning my Etsy store to people all the time—not even because I think they will buy things (few people do), but because I want to share my joy and my fun with others. I’m like a little kid with a new toy who wants to share it.

I’m actually rather mystified by this whole thing. It’s pretty much come out of left field to take over my every waking moment. My creations are still relatively tame (I’m not an avant garde type of woman), but I’m learning new skills and trying new things and working with new materials all the time. And I’m discovering that I have a creative streak that I never knew existed.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever discovered a new creative outlet and become this absorbed in it? If so, was it temporary or was it the birth of a new passion?

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2 thoughts on “Discovering creative flow

  1. I love reading and hearing of creative flow!!! (and seeing peoples’ eyes glow when they’ve experienced it). There have been certain kinds of creative writing projects over the years that I experience this with – writing dramatic monologues, for instance. It is the birth of a “new” passion . . . even though I’ve known I enjoyed creative writing, in general. Still, every now and then I’ll be surprised by how much a particular genre captures and engrosses me.
    Many blessings as you continue in your creative passions, KJ!!!

    • Having heard some of your dramatic monologues, I can well imagine that they were produced in a state of creative flow! I’ve always been fascinated by people’s reports of the state of creative flow, so that makes experiencing it for myself on such a frequent basis a special treat.
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with creative flow and for the good wishes. The act of creating is such a blessing, is it not? 🙂

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