The gift of darkness

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ~Mary Oliver

I’ve always loved this quote because it’s taken me years to understand that the darkness in my own life is a gift. It often does not feel that way at the time, but it is a gift nevertheless. And recognizing it as such  in the moment, even when I can’t see it, makes the darkness easier to bear.

The gift of darkness

Darkness falls

Darkness falls by Bogdan Suditu, on Flickr

In the approach to Winter Solstice,
Darkness eats away at each day’s light,
Nibbling down the hours of sun,
Leaving evenings filled with gloom.

Likewise there are seasons in life
When inner darkness comes to feed
On any joy or light or hope
Leaving pain and despair in its wake.

Those seasons are not pleasant,
And they always seem too long,
But once the gloom has lifted
And light returns in full,

I can see new life spring forth
From the seeds buried deep within,
Seeds that took root in the dark times
And with light can now bear fruit.

@2012 KJ Stanton

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