Gratitude is attractive

I’ve noticed something very interesting in my daily postings of gratitude on Facebook this month. Gratitude is popular!

I generally get a minimum of response to things I post on my personal Facebook timeline and on my Facebook business page. In fact, I’ve slowly posted less and less often on both places because it seems like few people are seeing or reading the things I post there. So I’ve been really surprised at the response that this gratitude practice is getting.

I’m getting large numbers of likes each day (much more than I normally get on posts). Even more fascinating is that many of these “likes” are coming from people who I don’t often hear from.

I’m also getting comments rather frequently from people, including quite a few at the beginning of the month saying that they look forward to me doing this every year. I was stunned because I had no idea!

I’m sure part of the response that I’m getting is because there are so many people who are participating in daily gratitude practices this month on Facebook. It seems like the popularity of this practice increases each year, which is exciting to see. But I also think that gratitude is just plan attractive to people.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been reading other people’s status updates (and Tweets) of their gratitudes each day that these serve as reminders to me of things that I am also grateful for that I might be taken for granted. Each one I read is like a little ray of sunshine into my day as I soak up the beauty of their gratitude as well as my own.

I did not start my gratitude practice to become popular or to become more attractive to others as someone they want to interact with, but that sure seems to be the effect that it’s having anyway. It makes me aware of how contagious gratitude is. When each of us take a moment to express our gratitude for the good things in our lives, it brightens our own world and the worlds of those around us.

If I were to keep posting a daily gratitude every day year round, I suspect it would get old and people might cease to notice. But I think that maybe I need to make a point of sharing my gratitude for the good things in my life a bit more freely with those around me—both to those to whom I am grateful for kindnesses they have shown me and to people in general who may share my delight in the good things life has to give.

Perhaps I can begin to change the world through gratitude just by expressing it more freely.

Have you had a similar experience with expressing gratitude or by being around someone who freely expresses their gratitude?

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7 thoughts on “Gratitude is attractive

  1. KJ,
    I think it is contagious and a great way to share in others joy. Gratitude has a way of not only remembering the good in our lives, but it makes the seemingly bad things not as bad. I would like to also be more open with gratitude and see the effects. Thank you for getting me started with the 30 days of gratitude 🙂

    • I’m so glad you have been finding so much joy in the gratitude! I’ve loved reading about your experience with gratitude on your blog. Thanks for joining in on the 30 days!

  2. Gratitude and a positive attitude seem to be my most attractive traits these day, and of course, my sparkling wit. People like grateful people—in a sea of negativity–people are drawn to the positive, and awakened to the gratitude within themselves.

    • Those are indeed very attractive traits of yours! 🙂 It makes sense that people would be attracted to the positive, and I know I’ve always been attracted to positive people. But I guess I never realized how common that must be for other people too, so I’ve been really surprised by the response. (It also makes me realize that I don’t apparently appear to be that positive most of the time. I need to work on that! I want to be part of making the world a more positive place, not contributing to the sea of negativity.)

    • I was surprised, too. I thought people would be more dismissive of positivity, but I think maybe expressions of gratitude help connect people to the gratitude and positive in their own lives, so they value it in a different way than other expressions of positivity. It’s been interesting to observe.

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