Link love: How to help Hurricane Sandy victims

I’m running my link love post a little early this week to collect resources for helping out the Hurricane Sandy victims. While many of the resources I found and have listed below focus heavily on the U.S. east coast, please don’t forget that Sandy also did a great deal of damage in the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti where many still had not recovered from the earthquake in 2010.

The resources I list here are by no means comprehensive. Many religious organizations (like Christian denominations) have their own relief funds that could also benefit from additional donations at this time and may be a great choice for people who belong to those organizations, although those are not mentioned in the lists that I found.

The Red Cross is one of the most common organizations that was mentioned in the resource lists I highlight below. The hurricane caused the cancellation of many blood drives, so if you are willing (and able) to donate blood at this time, it would help avert a shortage. To find a local donation center in the US, visit the Red Cross’s Donating Blood page.

ABC News has a good list of national organizations that are accepting donations for Hurricane Sandy relief on their How to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims page. A brief overview of what each organization is doing is provided, along with a link to the organization’s website or other contact information.

EarthSky has a similar list of organizations, but it also includes a few others that ABC did not mention. Their list also includes links to a couple of websites that will allow you to check up on any organization that you are considering donating to in order to make sure your money is going where you intended. Their list can be found at How to donate to help victims of Superstorm Sandy.

If you want to volunteer your time and effort rather than donating money, Shocked by Photos of Hurricane Sandy? How to Help at the GOOD website has a link to help you locate volunteer opportunities.

Finally, the Gothamist website has a collection of New York local organizations that need volunteers and donations at How to Volunteer, Donate to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims. The list here also includes ways to help out the animals who are affected by the storm.

There are many ways we can all get involved to help those who are affected. I hope you will consider finding a way that matches your beliefs, values, and means and get involved to whatever degree that you are able.

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