My icons

I came across a post recently talking about icons as things that help us see through the everyday stuff of life to get a glimpse of the divine. The post ended with a question asking about what icons we have found in our own lives. I didn’t comment at the time because this isn’t a topic I had though about enough to answer easily, but the question has been on my mind ever since.

Today’s poem flows out of that pondering about the things that serve as icons for me in my life. There are so many things that stir my heart and soul and help me look beyond the ordinariness of life into the mystery beyond. The tragedy is how seldom I take the time to really notice.

My icons

Icon throne

Icon throne by readerwalker, on Flickr

Nature is an icon:
The groundedness of trees,
The cycle of seasons through life and death,
Animals, bugs, and plants
Each illustrating a lesson,
The majesty of mountains,
The crash of thunder and flash of lightning,
The aching blueness of a clear sky,
The twinkle of the sea of stars,
The mystery of the moon.

Books are an icon:
Stories acting as a mirror—
Both fiction and memoir alike—
Making me dig below the surface,
Poetry expanding my vision
Helping me see things anew,
Nonfiction teaching me new things
To bring fresh wonder to my life.

Music is an icon:
The beauty of voices in harmony
In a capella richness,
The resonance of drums,
The thrill of a symphony,
The soothing strains of instrumental music
Flowing like water in soothing tones.

Sacred places are an icon:
A quiet chapel,
A majestic cathedral,
A hushed library or bookstore,
A hike in the woods,
A walk by the sea,
A walk in the park,
A moment in silence.

People are icons:
An unexpectedness kindness,
The hug of a friend,
A shoulder to cry on,
A generous helping hand,
The mercy of forgiveness,
The fresh wonder of a child.

I am surrounded by icons everywhere
If only I open my eyes to see.

©2012 KJ Stanton

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4 thoughts on “My icons

  1. Your words spoke to me of the need to be In the Moment and remain conscious of the visible reminders of God’s grace and provision. It is a butprocess I am still learning and practise imperfectly but come away refreshed whenever I take the time to see the Divine hand at work. Books, music and nature are natural icons for me too. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Joy! I still practice this very imperfectly too, but what a refreshing thing it is to my spirit when I do take the time to notice. Thanks so much for the comment!

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