Rediscovering laughter

A few years ago, I was going through a difficult time and my world seemed unusually challenging. On top of that, my hard drive failed, and I lost quite of bit of my writing that I had not backed up elsewhere: several years worth of poems, essays, novels-in-progress. I was devastated particularly by the loss of a couple of poems that had been particularly meaningful to me.

I wrote the poem below during this time as a reminder to myself that laughter is best way to brighten my world when all seems gloomy and as reminder that I can always write more poems. I had forgotten all about this one until I found it scribbled on the back of a sheet of paper in a drawer tonight, and it reminded me once again about the need to find more reasons to laugh.

I am finding that the more accepting I am of myself, the more readily I laugh. The more I allow myself to play with my creative side, the easier it is for laughter to bubble to the surface. The more I embrace life, the more joy wells up and overflows as laughter. I am slowly rediscovering laughter, and I love it!

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha by MichaelKuhn_pics, on Flickr

Rediscovering laughter

A day without laughter is one without soul,
A dull and washed out kind of day,
A day that just fades as the hours unfold
In a lifetime that withers away.

So risk being silly.
Find some ways to have fun.
Let yourself become giggly,
And you’ll find you’ve begun

To bring back the laughter,
And with it the joy
That makes moments hereafter
Bright as any new toy.

©2009 KJ Stanton

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3 thoughts on “Rediscovering laughter

  1. KJ, I love this. I just wrote a post about joy. Must be something in the air for so many thoughts on joy and laughter. I hope you find more joy and laughter as your journey continues. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I love your post too. We do so often deny ourselves joy because we think it too frivolous. I’m so glad that you are moving in the direction of that which brings you joy!

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