It’s beginning to really feel like Fall here, as the temperatures cool down, especially at night. I’m beginning to see the first signs of the season  in the natural world around me as plants begin the preparation for winter.

On the one hand, Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, filled with so many delights and treats for the eyes and the senses. On the other hand, I become ever more keenly aware each year that this season heralds winter, which I find to be so challenging with its dark and cold. (I have a hard time really getting warm for months at a time!) So for me, Fall is perfect definition of bittersweet.


Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees by Green Putty In My Armpit, on Flickr

The crisp bite in the air
Brings relief from scorching heat.
The rains have come again
Watering the land.

The solidness of green
Begins its march of change
A kaleidoscope of leaves
That soon will fall like rain.

It’s harvest time for food
As we bring the bounty in
Preserving what we can
To last the winter long

The colors of the land
Slowly shift to earthy tones
Rich reds and pumpkin hues
Mixed with rust and gold

We celebrate fall treats:
Apple cider, pumpkin pie,
Football games and great bonfires,
Mixed with raking of the leaves.

And yet for each delight
There’s the shrinking of each day
As we creep into the barrenness
That winter always brings.

2012 KJ Stanton

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