My nemesis

I am one of those people who mosquitoes just love. Anytime I am outside with other people, I manage to attract every mosquito in the local area, but they leave my friends alone. I spend a fair amount of time cleaning the koi ponds that are in my backyard, and even after spraying myself thoroughly with bug spray, I often come back in with up to 50 bites in one evening. They swarm around me nonstop, landing to take a sip every chance they get. After another encounter with them this evening (and another swarm of bites), I decided to write tonight’s poem about these tiny creatures that terrorize me so.

Mosquito Tigre

Mosquito Tigre by calafellvalo, on Flickr

My nemesis

I know from long acquaintance
The sound my enemy makes,
That high-pitched song so threatening
That weaves about my face.

A sound like tiny armies
Screaming out their rage
As they advance to battle
My life blood there to drain.

They swarm in wingèd masses
To numerous to tame.
They land on stripèd zebra legs,
There to take their aim.

The sting is but a moment.
The itch can last for days.
And with the bite, the risk of plague
That makes me curse their name.

And so I am tormented,
I am ashamed to say,
By swarms of wee mosquitoes,
And so inside I stay.

©KJ Stanton 2012

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10 thoughts on “My nemesis

    • I don’t understand it either! I’m sorry to hear that they love you too. They are miserable little things, aren’t they? I keep thinking that there must be something I could eat or wear that would keep them away, but I haven’t found it yet.

      • I’ve tried everything. I used to think it was the booze in my they loved, but years sober now, that wasn’t it 😉 I get welts and they take weeks to go away, and where I live, they greatly outnumber the people, and are larger than some, too. LOL

      • I get welts, too. (Big ones!) But I have come across a trick that reduces/eliminates the itching and helps my welts to go away faster. If you can catch them right away, scratch them a bit to make sure they are open on the surface (not enough to make yourself bleed or anything – just a good scratching like you itch) then douse them with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol neutralizes the compound in the bite that causes the itching. It works wonders for me and is about the only way I survive this time of year. I hope it helps you, too!

  1. LOL Lovely poem on a topic near to my heart. Although I can’t figure out their purpose either, OneHotMess! Might give this remedy a try – seems to work for some – take a hefty dose of B6 about 30 minutes before you go outside. For some reason, they aren’t supposed to like it. Although it doesn’t work for me (they swarm me even more when I use it), have you tried Avon’s Skin-so-soft Oil? Again, some people swear by it. I have a visual when those blood-sucking creatures decide to partake of MY life force: I have lupus so I imagine them in a few hours flying around with achey joints. 🙂 At least I smile while I’m clawing.

    • I just love your ability to find the humor in this, Lisa! What a lovely sense of humor! I’ve tried the B6, but it didn’t work for me either. I have not yet tried the Avon Skin-so-soft, but it’s worth a shot!

  2. Two other remedies to try, ladies. As soon as you find one, get your hair dryer out and blow hot air on it – as hot as you can stand it. Neutralizes the poison. I use hot water. Gotta be hot enough to make the skin red. Of course, be careful using heat to an extreme. Also, the pharmacies sell insect bite “sticks” that have pure ammonium in it. Burns like crazy, but also seems to neutralize. Figure if the pharmacy sells them, gotta be reasonably safe. But I’m in Texas so I’m not sure what you guys deal with where you are. Skeeters and fire ants – a Texas curse!

    • Hmmm … the ammonia makes sense as a neutralizer. Same idea as the rubbing alcohol, actually. I had not tried the heat trick, though. I’ll have to give that a shot! And silky skin is a lovely side effect, if it keeps the mosquitoes away. I’ll be looking for that too. Thanks for all of the ideas!

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