The dancing march of rain

It has been an extremely dry summer here this year, and now that we have finally started getting a little rain again these last few weeks, I am finding myself appreciating the rain in a whole new way again. I woke Monday morning to the sound of rain on the glass roof of the sunroom that adjoins my bedroom. Rather than bemoaning the fact that my Monday morning commute would be slower than normal in the rain, I spent a few moments listening and savoring the sound of the gentle patterns of the raindrops on the glass. It’s such a soothing, peaceful sound and a delightful way to wake up.

In that space between sleep and wakefulness, the sound wove itself into dreamlike stories that brought additional delight. The poem below grew out of my listening wonder.


Rain by DBduo Photography, on Flickr

The Dancing March of Rain
It woke me gently,
This muffled drumming
Of water on glass.
The steady cadence
Of raindrops
Mixing with a descant
Of exotic beats
Dripping in random patterns
Off the overhanging leaves,
Like playful dancers
Weaving in between
The ranks of marching soldiers
Headed off to join
The distant boom of cannons
In a giants’ war.

©2012 KJ Stanton

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