Welcoming Pluto

I recently had my first astrology reading done. I must confess that I really wasn’t expecting much. Whenever I’ve read about my horoscope “type,” I’ve never thought it sounded even remotely like me, so I didn’t have a great deal of hope that I’d learn anything useful from the exercise.

It turns out that having someone knowledgeable about the entire chart makes a great deal of difference. It turns out that my moon sign has a stronger influence on me that my sun sign (which was the only one I knew about), and this explains why nothing ever seemed to fit before. There were plenty of other things she read from the chart that she could not have known any other way.

But the thing that really caught my attention was when she noted that it looked like the last 3-4 years of my life had brought many big changes and that this period of change would not come to a head for another 3-4 years from now! She also noted that these changes would all be in three main areas: my outlook  on (and understanding of) life, my personal relationships, and my work. (This has something to do with Pluto moving through my chart, but I’m afraid I can’t exactly explain that part of it.)

This period of change and transformation did indeed start about 3.5 years ago after two deaths in my life. One person I knew very well; the other I’d only met once, but his death changed my circumstances rather dramatically and set me on the path that leads to where I am today. The three areas she mentioned are exactly the areas that seem to be in constant change and shift.

I knew the period of change was not over. Each time things seem to be coming to a bit of a resting place, something new arises that throws everything back up into the air. But another 3-4 more years? That means that I’m only halfway through what is likely to be a seven-year period of nonstop major change. That’s an awful lot to deal with!

And you know what my immediate reaction to this news was?


Yes, you read that right; I’m excited. Although the last few years of change have been challenging and at times very painful, they have brought so much good into my life. I am a better person now for all I’ve been through than I was when this started. If I’m only halfway there, I am excited to think how much more growth is on the way!

Of course, it also seems a bit intimidating, but that was my second reaction. Not my first one. I think that means that I’m finally learning how to lean into change rather than fight it every step of the way. It’s about time I learned that lesson.

So cheers to the next 3-4 years of change! I don’t know what exactly it will bring or how much challenge I have yet to face, but she did say that the person I’ll be in another six years will be someone I hardly recognize. I believe it.

Bring it on, Pluto!

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