A for adventure

“I’m one of those people who always got an A in school. I crossed my hands, did what I was told. These days I no longer want an A for doing what other people to tell me to do. I want an A for Adventure. I want an A for listening to my heart in this life, for daring to trust the marrow of my soul, for giving myself permission to experience my true powers, magic, and potential.” ~Tama J. Kieves

This was definitely me growing up. I was very, very good at the following the rules. I got lots of As in school. In fact, I couldn’t even begin to understand why people would not want to do what they were told! It seemed to me that life would flow so much more smoothly if everyone followed the rules and did what they were told.

Although I did go through my periods of rebellion in high school and at occasional other junctures of my life, I still had a very strong belief that I “should” be doing what I was told to do—even during those times that I was rebelling against those very same “shoulds.” This means, of course, that even my rebellion was really dictated by the “shoulds” since it was a reaction against it.

When I came across this quote today on Facebook, I realized that somewhere along the line in the last couple of years, this has shifted. I’ve gone against so many of the things people have been telling me I “should” be doing in order to do what I knew in my soul I needed to do for me that the “shoulds” are losing their hold over me. I’ve been making choices for a while now that are neither following the “shoulds” nor doing the opposite in rebellion. Instead, I’m following my heart and leaving the “shoulds” out of the equation altogether.

I still hear the voices of those “shoulds” clamoring in my ear, but they no longer hold the power over me that they once did. Oddly enough, this happened somewhere along the journey when I didn’t even notice it. I was too busy focusing on the journey to even notice that I had dropped this particular piece of baggage along the way. And that’s one bit of baggage that I don’t miss a bit!

It frees up my energy to focus on better things … like an A for Adventure. Learning to follow the callings of my own heart may turn out to be the greatest adventure there is, so I plan on continuing to ignore the “shoulds” to make sure I stay on track for the adventure of a lifetime!

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