Overflowing with gratitude

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” ~Meister Eckhart

I’m having one of those days where my heart is just overflowing with gratitude for all the many gifts I have. Today has been a day filled with many blessings of all kinds.

  • A lovely summer day spent with a friend who not only let me ride on that back of her motorcycle but who took the time to drive me down to a part of the state filled with artist shops that I’ve wanted to visit for years and have never been able to find anyone who would go with me. I met delightful artists and shop keepers there who brightened my day with the beauty of their wares and the unexpected delight of conversation with people who clearly took joy in their work.
  • Several friends reaching out to me with messages that let me know that I was on their minds and that I matter to them. I am feeling so humbled and grateful to watch my circle of friends expand.
  • An unexpected gift of a free ticket to a concert that I had really wanted to attend this evening—with the additional delight at getting to see several others friends at the concert. One of these friends, whom I have not spoken to in several months, even went out of her way to make an additional connection for me by introducing me to someone who could provide some assistance to me. The concert was also quite joy-filled with music that made me smile.
  • The delight of an evening thunderstorm.

The most interesting thing I am observing in all of this is how much the changes in me are leading to my ability to see so much to be grateful for. It all seems to come back to the improvement in my self-esteem. The more self-esteem I have, the more open I am able to be to others. The more open I am to others, the greater I am able to connect with them and the more I am open to genuinely receiving the friendship they offer me.

“I began to understand that self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.” ~Gloria Steinem

There’s still so much more room for me to grow, and my self-esteem is still on somewhat shaky ground some days. But I am making a wonderful start on building that foundation, and life continues to get better by the day!

I am truly overflowing with gratitude.

A Note on Comments: A chrysalis is by nature a very fragile place, and it takes a good deal of vulnerability to share this personal journey of transformation so openly. Therefore, I need this to be a safe place for exploration and sharing for me and for my readers. Comments sharing your own journey, even if your experience is different from mine, are always welcome and encouraged. Expressions of support or encouragement are also welcome. Comments that criticize, disparage, correct, or in any way attempt to undermine the validity of another person’s experience or personal insight—or the expression of that experience or insight—are NOT welcome here and will be deleted.

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