Dreaming of koala bears

So after my message yesterday from the synchronicity rabbit, I spent last night dreaming of koala bears. I don’t remember much about the dream(s) except that there was constantly a koala bear in it. Either I was carrying around the koala bear on my hip like a small child—or someone else was carrying it—at any given time in the dream. Even in the dream, I kept having this nagging sense that the koala bear was important for some reason, but I didn’t know why or what it meant.

Upon waking, the koala bear immediately came back to mind. I can think of nothing in waking life recently that would have prompted me to dream of koala bears, so naturally I headed right for my animal books to try to figure out whether there was some message in this for me. Despite the fact that my various books cover a wide assortment of animals, the koala bear was not on the list in any of them. This sent me off to the web to look for more information.

The first few hits I came across all referred to the fact that marsupials (of which the koala bear is one) as highly dependent on their mothers for the first six to twelve months of their lives. Thus, they suggested that the appearance of the koala bear meant that it was time to think about my relationship to my mother to determine whether the bond is a good one or one that needs some work.

I must admit that my relationship with my mother is not a good one, and given that her birthday and Mother’s Day both fall within the next 10 days AND she’s just recently announced that she plans to visit later next month, she’s been on my mind a lot lately. This kind of makes the interpretation above believable for the situation, but it just didn’t quite feel right. I already know my relationship with my mother is tense. I am already enormously stressed out about all of the occasions for interaction in the next few weeks. I’m not sure this tells me anything new. So I kept looking.

The next interpretation I found went into a little more depth. This one, from a list of totem animal definitions at Schaef Designs Jewelry, had the following to say about koala (in what was oddly enough one of their longer entries):

Koala – The koala is a solitary animal. The mother koalas are attentive to their young until they are strong enough to be on their own. After that the emotional bond is broken. When Koala appears it may mean that one often requires periods of isolation and an environment with little noise. Emotional expression is difficult which can make intimate relationships challenging. The Koala teaches us how to be comfortable with our own company. Those with koala energy also have strong psychic & clairaudient abilities. Sound that soothes the senses and aromatherapy benefit them. Koala reminds us to stand solid within ourselves and not be influenced by situations or events as well as teach of stress free movements and how to create and maintain sacred space in our lives.

Now that one rings true for me. Although the mother is still mentioned, it emphasizes that the attachment is broken once the young one is strong enough to be on its own. Likewise, it’s time for me to let go of my old emotional bonds to my mother with all of their attendant baggage so I can focus right now on standing solid within myself, not living as a reaction to (or against) her. Until I can fully do that, I keep attracting people into my life that remind me of her or keep pushing the same buttons that she pushes. It’s time to deal with those buttons so I can deactivate them and move on.

I also need to continue to explore my relationship with solitude. Although I am becoming more and more comfortable with my time alone and my need for solitude, I also recognize how challenging this need for isolation can be for intimate relationships. I think I may be approaching a time when I need to find ways to better create balance between my need for solitude and my desire for connection by finding ways to honor my own needs while still making openings for others.

Lastly, it was a good reminder that I have been neglecting my intuitive readings of late. It’s been a long time since I last listened to my cards to see what they had to tell me. Maybe as I consider my options for my future, that may be one more avenue of guidance that I need to re-visit.

Clearly, my synchronicity rabbit from yesterday had more to tell me than I thought. Without noticing the bunny and the DailyOM email that went with it which led to the message from rabbit, I never would have paid such close attention to the koala bear in my dream to explore what it had to tell me. I wonder what’s next …

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