The synchronicity rabbit

ThSynchronicity rabbite Easter bunny didn’t make it to my house this year, so I missed out on all the yummy candy. But I think I received an even better treat today from what I will call the synchronicity rabbit.

I was sitting at my computer earlier this evening and looked out my window to discover a rabbit sitting in my flower bed. She was sitting in a mound of creeping evergreen ground cover alternating her attention between nibbling at the ground and warily checking her surroundings for threats.

I grabbed my camera, but between the light and the interference from the window, I wasn’t able to get a very good picture of her. However, as I focused on my attempt to get a decent photograph, I noticed some motion in that dark patch just in front of her. I counted at least three little baby bunnies in a nest in that area. (Squee!! So cute!)

Momma bunny eventually hopped away, and it became too dark to see anything more from indoors. I returned to my computer full of excitement at my sighting to find an email waiting for me from DailyOM called Messengers of Direction. This post was a reminder that our sightings of animals in nature may contain messages for us.

I headed straight for my copy of The Animal Wise Tarot by Ted Andrews to see what it had to say about rabbit. The book claims that rabbits typically are connected with the ideas of fear and fertility. Rabbits freeze at the first sign of any predator as a means of going unnoticed. They are also well-known for their abundant offspring. His take on the message of the rabbit is that when we are not sure about the potential success of an endeavor, we should wait for a clearer answer. Like the baby rabbits who are able to function on their own 28 days after birth, ideas will show themselves to be fruitful (or not) very quickly if we wait for a clear sign. However, he claims that the rabbit is a good sign that a cycle of manifestation is appearing, but we need to allow it to happen at its own pace without trying to force the timing.

This was a very interesting interpretation for me because I’ve been spending an increasing amount of mental energy lately going through all the different possible scenarios I can imagine for how I can put together various work to create a full-time jobless living for myself by the time the grant for my current job expires. I have quite a number of options that I am considering as part of my array of income-producing activities, but each of them will take time and money to get to a point of being able to bring in any income, so I need to choose wisely where to invest my resources now to maximize my opportunities later.

The more I go through the possible options, the more anxious I’ve been getting about finding a way to make the best decision possible. This was a wonderful message right now to tell me to slow down and let things unfold in their own time. I can continue my process of researching options, asking questions, exploring my feelings about possible work options, and looking at possible incomes from each one, but I don’t need to panic about making a decision right now. Abundance is on its way, and the right combination of work activities will show themselves when the time is right.

In the meantime, I think I need to set up a baby rabbit cam. These little ones are so adorably cute! This is better than an Easter bunny with candy any day.

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