Preempted by a storm

This evening’s blog post has been preempted by a storm. It’s been stormy all day with an overabundance of rain (local flooding inside and outside the house today), but a severe bunch of storms left me stranded at the yoga studio late tonight as we waited for the tornado warnings to end. Things have calmed for the moment, but another round is on its way soon, so it’s time to shut down the computer and head to bed to cuddle with the cats (who unanimously voted that this weather is unacceptable).

I hope each of you is safe wherever you are, and I will post something more substantial tomorrow. Blessings to you all!

A Note on Comments: A chrysalis is by nature a very fragile place, and it takes a good deal of vulnerability to share this personal journey of transformation so openly. Therefore, I need this to be a safe place for exploration and sharing for me and for my readers. Comments sharing your own journey, even if your experience is different from mine, are always welcome and encouraged. Expressions of support or encouragement are also welcome. Comments that criticize, disparage, correct, or in any way attempt to undermine the validity of another person’s experience or personal insight—or the expression of that experience or insight—are NOT welcome here and will be deleted.