Synchronicity Friday 17

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review the moments of synchronicity that I encountered during the last week. It’s been an odd week when it comes to synchronicity sightings, and this has helped me come to the conclusion that this is going to be my last Synchronicity Friday (at least for now). As you’ll see from the rest of today’s post, this is not because of a paucity of synchronicity but rather an overabundance.

My entire last week has been one large synchronicity-in-action. It’s been a challenge to try to hold off on all of this until Friday, and now I am finding it a challenge to coherently explain how all these pieces tie together for the week. This is why I want the freedom to weave my synchronicities into my daily postings from now on instead of trying to save them for a weekly summary.

Anyway, the last week has been filled with ideas and through coming up from multiple sources to bring layer upon layer of confirmation that I’m heading down the right path for me (at least for now).

Many of these synchronicities for this week have centered around my reading of Pema Chödrön’s When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times. This is book that I purchased some years ago based on the title and the fact that it is a “sexy book.” (The term “sexy book” comes from a friend of mine who uses the term to describe books that are aesthetically pleasing to hold or view. This book is all of that with a lovely hard cover (under the dust jacket), a small size that fits nicely in the hand, and an attached ribbon to mark the page.) I started reading it when I bought it and sensed that it was something deeper than I was quite ready for.

I picked it up again last weekend based on the draw I’ve had to other Buddhist books lately and felt like I had found exactly what I’ve been searching for. This book is bringing together so much of the other things I’ve been reading, pondering, and encountering in other places. Each chapter brings so much wisdom that I can only read one at each sitting and find myself wanting to highlight almost every sentence for further contemplation. Each time I pick it up, though, the next chapter waiting for me has managed to correspond to other things that I have either just come across or thought about or things that will appear almost as soon as I set the book down. It’s downright uncanny.

For example, on Monday I re-read the first chapter of Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Invitation to prepare for the book discussion group I mentioned last Friday. This chapter talks about accepting the invitation and the impact that doing so will have on one’s life. The same themes that Oriah talks about in this chapter matched exactly with the ideas I found in Pema’s thinking when I picked that up immediately after to read the next chapter in line there.

My readings for yoga teacher’s training have consistently picked up on themes, like stilling the mind or bringing pure awareness to the present, that Pema has talked about in a chapter I read the same day. Just yesterday, I was reading the assigned chapter in Judith Lasater’s Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life that covered Yoga Sutra 2:7-8, which is translated as “Attachment is that which rests on pleasant experiences. Aversion is that which rests on sorrowful experiences.” I then picked up Pema’s book to find an entire chapter devoted to talking about attachment and aversion and the ways that these bring suffering. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by this whole concept, I tried to distract myself on the web only to find a blog post from Gail Brenner of A Flourishing Life entitled 10 Life-Changing Facts about Attachment in my RSS reader!

(Talk about a 2 x 4 upside the head! I’m thinking the universe wants me to get this concept figured out sooner rather than later.)

I’m still not even halfway through When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, so I suspect that this flood of synchronicity is not done with me yet. I am genuinely fascinated, though, by the way this book is pulling together so much of what I have been reading, pondering, and working on through my yoga training, my shamanic studies, my self-help (including co-dependency) reading, and messages I have been reading and discovering through so many other sources.

This journey continues to be an amazing one!

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