Synchronicity Friday 15

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review the moments of synchronicity that I encountered during the last week. This week was full of appropriate quotes showing up at the right time. It also had some really hard moments where the synchronicity was something unpleasant, but the timing helped me look beneath the challenging circumstance to see the lesson underneath.

After writing about the mounting pile of losses in Invisible grief and The weight of a straw, the following quote showed up on my Facebook feed as a bit of comfort amidst the losses: “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~Rumi

The morning after I mentioned the fact that divorce brings with it challenges like not having someone to help out when the car breaks down in Invisible grief, I woke up to a car that would not start. I was fortunate to have a friend who drove me to the auto parts store after she got off work to purchase a new battery. I swapped them out, and the car worked wonderfully again. Of course, since I was home during the day while trying to solve this problem, I also discovered a roof leak that I had to have checked out. That issue is still not completely resolved, but I am working on it.

The whole car issue on Monday reminded me that, although I don’t have a spouse to count on to help me out with things like that, I do have other people in my life who are willing to help me out. It is more challenging this way, but it’s not impossible.

Of course, I got up this morning to find that the car would start again for a second time this week. This time I walked to the auto parts store and purchased a battery charger (which is much lighter than a battery and it wasn’t raining today). When recharging the battery didn’t help, I found a mechanic that could help me and arranged to have my car towed. The problem turned out to be minor, and the car is running again.

Although I lost another day at work (which is particularly uncomfortable on the second week on the job!), the towing expense has been reimbursed by my insurance company and the costs for the repair were much less than anticipated.  Most importantly, I have found a local mechanic that I like, and I gained a great deal of confidence from having taken the responsibility to save myself this time. Yes, I did call my dad a number of times for advice, but I did not require anyone to ride to my rescue. That’s enormously empowering!

In the middle of feeling so tested by all of these car and house crises, I got the following in one of my daily emails from the Universe:

Life’s so called “tests” aren’t really tests at all. And to dispel a common misconception, they certainly aren’t given by me.

They’re just the facts and circumstances one has unintentionally crafted with their focus, that, ever so conveniently reveal powers not yet claimed and understandings not yet grasped.

I think that goes well with what I’ve learned from the situations and the growth I am taking away, and it has reminded me to look beyond the actual circumstance for the gem of understanding that may be hidden in the challenge.

The quote from Rilke that I used in my post on The weight of a straw actually showed up in my Facebook feed while I was in the middle of writing the post and helped to shape that post as it was being written. That was pretty amazing timing!

In The dreamer, the realist, and fear, I talked about the challenge of determining what my true dreams really are. One of the keys I mentioned was figuring out what I love. To reinforce this idea, the following quote showed up a few days later: “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart…pursue those.” ~Michael Nolan

Several weeks ago, I was at a store having a 50% moving sale. This store had a particularly lovely collection of stones, and I wanted to buy some while the deal was so good, but nothing was really catching my eye. Suddenly I found myself strangely convinced that I absolutely must buy a piece of lapis lazuli, but I had no idea why or what I might do with it. After quite a bit of looking, I finally did locate a piece of lapis that felt right and brought it home. It had since sat forgotten.

On Wednesday night, a friend came over a did a combined Reiki and crystal healing session for me where lapis lazuli turned out to be a very important stone. At the end of the session, my friend suggested that I choose one stone from my own collection to carry with me throughout this next week to continue to bring comfort and healing to my spirit. I immediately remember the piece of lapis that I had purchased and then forgotten. Now I know why I felt such a need for it. It has indeed brought additional comfort and calm as I have carried it with me.

In Going sane or going crazy, I talked about the Julia Cameron quote that says that sometimes going sane can feel like going crazy. In the meantime, I received a new book in the mail by Michael Mirdad entitled You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! The Five Stages of Soul Transformation Process. That’s now two new alternative perspectives that I can choose from during the times I feel like I’m going crazy.

Several months ago, I wrote about the following quote by Charles DuBois in Hope and sacrifice: “The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” This quote has continued to follow me around in the many weeks since, popping up over and over again in disparate locations and sources. It has shown up again twice for me within the last 24 hours.

I want to think of sacrifice as something I have to do once, and then I can move on to something new. I realized today, however, that the reoccurrence of this quote is telling me that it is not just being able to sacrifice who I am in any single moment, it’s being willing to continue to sacrifice who I am in every moment. It is an ongoing process, not a one-time deal. That’s not nearly as easy to do.

Finally, when I was feeling a bit frightened by all the recent challenges yesterday and wondering if I was wrong to have risked so much in leaving my job, I decided to distract myself by reading a light romance novel by an author who is known to be funny (Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie). Much to my surprise, the entire novel was based on the theme of women deciding that they needed to risk more in life and not always play it safe—and that risk inherently brings with it the possibility of failure. Therefore if there’s no failure, there’s probably not enough risk happening. This was a real encouragement just when I needed it.

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