Synchronicity Friday 13

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review the moments of synchronicity that I encountered during the last week. This week’s list is an odd mix of things, but every one of them is meaningful in some way. I’ve also included one intuitive incident that I can’t yet fully explain but that clearly has some synchronicity built into it.

The day after my post about being a detached but curious observer, the following quote showed up in my Facebook feed:

“Awareness and Ego cannot co-exist. They are incompatible.” ~Denise Frank

For me, this quote helped me to frame the part of me that is observing and the part of me that is being observed. I’m not sure I would agree that they cannot co-exist, but I do think that Ego has to make space for the Awareness to exist.

The quote below by Sally Field tied together in my mind some of the idea of learning to observe myself from my own perspective and learning to see myself separately from how my tribe views the world. The combination of these two ideas really resonated with me.

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.” ~Sally Field

I recently reviewed Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. I finally returned the copy that I had read (and re-read) to the library this week and ordered my own copy. That same day, a writing blogger that I follow wrote a review on the book that paralleled much of my thinking about the book. One reason this one strikes me as such an amazing synchronicity is that this book was published in 2002! I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago, so this confirmation of reading someone else’s review on the day I ordered my own copy was really striking.

Another book I recently read and reviewed was This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work You Love by Tama J. Kieves. Once again, this is an author I had never heard of before I read (and loved!) her book. Yesterday, two different people who do not know each other and neither of whom know that I just read this book sent me an article she wrote in her latest newsletter about Valentine’s Day. The name of the article was “Reach Your Highest Potential in this Life: Becoming the Beloved” and her point was that we need to focus on making ourselves our beloved—especially for those of us without a valentine this season. Given that I am facing Valentine’s Day this year without a romantic partner (my first since the divorce) and have been doing so much work on learning to love myself, the topic was particularly relevant for me. The fact that I got the message from two different people as well made it an especially strong message!

Incidentally, one of the people who sent me this message is a friend who is working on a book about synchronicity. This is a product of her recently completed thesis on the topic for her Master’s degree in transpersonal psychology. I can’t want until her book is published because I am eagerly anticipating reading about her findings from her research!

I had a big (and costly) decision that needed to be made this week about something I have been considering pursuing. I have already been putting off making a final decision for several weeks. With this decision already preying on my mind, one of Seth Godin‘s blog posts for this week was particularly apropos. It has to be the shortest blog post I’ve ever seen, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. (Go read it! Seriously, it will only take a moment!) I spent a little time journaling after reading his post and had an enormous revelation about how pursuing this opportunity might also provide material for writing (along with all of the other benefits of it). That realization was enough to get the decision made and the application in the mail!

I decided to do an intuitive card reading yesterday. It’s the first one I’ve done in a while. I did not have a specific question in mind—just a general “what do I need to know right now” kind of thought. There were three decks that seemed to have something to say. The first deck that wanted to “speak” was The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set where I got the Isis card. This card is all about mothering oneself or a project that one is working on. The second deck to “speak” was the The Green Man Tree Oracle: Ancient wisdom from the greenwood where I pulled the Honeysuckle card. I had hoped that this card would shed some light about what needed mothering in my life, but this card was focused on how intuitive wisdom was often hidden and available only to the high priests and priestesses through traditional means. I could see no way that this related to the mothering question.

The third card I pulled was The Lady card from the The Wicca Pack deck. The Lady card is the High Priestess card and was again talking about accessing intuitive wisdom by being able to delve deeply inside. However, the exercise that was suggested to go with this card was to build as altar to Isis! That pretty much cleared up any doubt for me that the first two cards were not completely related, even if I don’t yet fully understand how. For the third card to so clearly combine elements from the first two really blew my mind. Clearly there’s some aspect of finding my own intuitive wisdom that needs mothering at this time. Wow!