Synchronicity Friday 9

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review the moments of synchronicity that I encountered during the last week.

I think the most reassuring moment of synchronicity this week was having an interesting part-time job posting appear in my inbox the morning after I had turned down a part-time opportunity that would have made a lot of logical sense but did not feel like the right thing for everyone involved. Having another possibility appear so soon after turning that one down is helping me to not second-guess my decision and to celebrate my courage in listening to my inner voice even when it doesn’t make logical sense.

I’ve been considering auditioning for a local choir, but I keep procrastinating signing up to be on the list for the next round of auditions because their website never indicated when the next auditions would be held. A post on their fan page this week announced that the next auditions will be held this weekend, so that finally prodded me into filling out their online form to be included. I’m terrified but grateful for that synchronicity nudge to get me moving.

Right after I talked about trusting enough to be fully there, the following quote came across my path to reinforce this idea with a rather humorous phrasing:

“What you don’t imagine can hurt you, but not until it hurts you. What you do imagine can hurt you any old time.” ~Martha Beck

How true that is! When I spend my time caught up in my imagination of what might happen to hurt me, I live in that pain all the time. But when I just live my life, I only get hurt when something truly hurtful comes along. What a great way to be fully there until I’m not (as I quoted Oriah in my earlier post).

Related to both the idea above and the stories we tell ourselves is the understanding that the way we tell our stories impacts how we feel about them. This is true whether we are telling stories about a possible future or about what has happened in our past. In that light, the following quote, which came my way on Facebook this week, is a good warning.

“The words we use to tell our story reinforce our love or our hate, and the words we use also influence others who hear them. Brain research has shown that thinking too many negative thoughts or being excessively fearful over time can damage the parts of our brain that regulate emotion and memory—and as time goes on, these thoughts and fears make us more punitive, angry, and pessimistic.” ~Barbara Stahura

This could easily lead us to think that we should avoid all negative thoughts and emotions, but I found a post titled Why does writing heal? about a study done on the effect of the words used in journaling exercises on the health of those writing. The study had three main conclusions about how the correlation between the words that someone used in their journal and their improvement in health. It didn’t surprise me that they found that the use of positive emotion words correlated with improved health. Nor did it surprise me that the use of causal and insight words (which I tend to associate with finding meaning) correlated with improved health. The finding that surprised me was that moderate negative emotions words correlated with improved health—both high and low levels of negative emotion words had an inverse correlation with health.

I can see how a high level of negative emotion words could show and inverse correlation with the subject’s health, but I was initially surprised that a low level of negative emotion words would have the same result. The more I’ve thought about it, though, I’ve decided that the low levels of negative emotion words probably indicates someone who is unable to welcome all of their emotional experience. As I’ve talked about before, I think that it is only when we are able to welcome our every emotion that we are able to move through them into healing. I found this study to be an interesting support to my own experiment in trying to be more open to fully experiencing all of my emotional responses, without clinging to any of them.

Finally, I’ve been really struggling with trying to sort out the ways in which my current experience seems to be highlighting a number of patterns that I have encountered in my life before but that are magnified in this situation in a larger-than-life way. I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to try to separate out all the overlapping strands to clearly identify each recurring pattern so I can hopefully lay it to rest. As I have been focusing on this process, I’ve begun feeling stronger and more in control of my own life and destiny and I finally feel like I’m really making progress. So I was delighted today to receive DailyOM’s post titled A New Level of Mastery, which had the following to say:

“The reappearance of a pattern is often a sign that we have come full circle and we are close to a new level of mastery.” ~DailyOM

Given the number of interwoven patterns that I’m discovering in this current reappearance, this is incredibly reassuring! Rather than an indication that I’m moving backwards, this is actually a sign that I might finally be almost done with these patterns and ready to move on to new challenges. Here’s hoping that this is just the death throes of these particular patterns, and I am about to let go of them so I can do something new.