On creating a healing metaphor: “For example, “I’m stuck” (lacking momentum perhaps, or in a place where healing seems distant) could be a seed in the ground, seemingly lifeless. The healing metaphor could then be “I’m not stuck, I’m germinating,” and the image of a seed gathering nourishment and strength takes root.” ~Brenda Stockdale

I’ve talked before about the impact that the stories we tell ourselves have on our emotions. In fact, Martha Beck made the following comment about stories on her Facebook page recently: “If you have a problem you can’t explain to a dog so that he really gets it, most of the problem is just a story. Retell it.” I love that measure of diagnosis. By that measure, all of the my problems are really just stories.

And that is why I love the quote I opened with. I find myself so often telling myself that I am stuck. I feel lifeless and without any momentum or possibility. With just the simple change in my story from “I’m stuck” to “I’m germinating,” I find a wealth of new possibilities open to me. When I tell myself the story that I’m a germinating seed, I can relax in the apparent lack of activity and trust that something is happening underground in my unconscious. I no longer need to fight the stuckness. And in that relaxing of the fighting, I open myself to the new growth that I trust is coming.

This ability to shift this one metaphor, this one story, has had profound effects on me during this time where my whole life appears to be collapsing before my eyes with nothing yet visible to take the place of all that is dying away. This one little change in my perspective has opened the door to be able to relax into this time and to trust that all is as it should be.

This new way of looking at life has been encouraged by the recent DailyOm post entitled Letting Nature Work that talks about the way we need to let go and let nature do her work when we are trying to grow plants, and that our inner work often requires the same letting go.

“Sometimes, without any big announcement or momentous shift, we wake up to find that change has happened, seemingly without us … Often, when we are not looking, in the silence of nature’s embrace, the miracle of change happens.” ~DailyOM

As I have stretched into this new way of seeing this part of my journey over the last few weeks, I have discovered that my learning to let go and trust the process is creating the same kind of miracle of change in my inner life. I am learning to trust in things that I have struggled with for years. Something happened tonight that would normally have triggered every anxiety and panic button I have under these circumstances. But instead, I am finding myself responding in complete calm, trusting that the situation will all work out the way it should be.

This is truly nothing less than a miracle. I’m germinating!


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