Synchronicity Friday 8

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review the moments of synchronicity that I encountered during the last week.

The list for this week appears to be short, but that is a bit misleading. I have had several sets of quotes or writings on key topics appear within minutes of each other is the last couple of days. I am saving these topics for posts in the next week, so I won’t describe those here.

My most comical synchronicity this week came in the form of hair color (of all things)! I had tried to do my own highlights, but I didn’t like the way they turned out, so I headed back to the store to get hair coloring to return to my usual monotone color. I had a sizable coupon for one brand, and it turned out that my specific shade in that brand was on clearance (only a couple of shades were). So I got the color I needed for $1.20 after the coupon, which was quite a deal! And what synchronicity for all those factors to line up as they did.

On a more serious note, in the few days since I talked about the living with the unknowing of what to do or where to go next in The impeded stream, the following two items have come my way. First, the following quote by Jeff Brown from Soulshaping (as found on Facebook) that talks about the need to befriend our confusion in times like this.

“If we don’t befriend our confusion, we remain trapped between worlds—on the one hand, old ways of being ready to die; on the other, new ways of being eager to be born. By holding all the possibilities at once, clarity as to path is slowly revealed. The bridge is confusion. We must learn how to cross it on the way home.” ~Jeff Brown

I found it particularly intriguing that this quote talks about a bridge as being confusion coming in conjunction with the earlier poem talking about the impeded stream. Such different metaphors, and yet there is still a connection between a bridge and a stream.

The second item was a blog post by Tama Kieves entitled Career Transition Tip: Claim the Joy of Not Having Clarity. Again, the connection of this blog post of hers to the topic I wrestled with in The impeded stream was striking, but this was even more striking a synchronicity in that this is the author of the book I highlighted earlier this week in This Time I Dance! I really appreciated her description of the joys to be found in times like this, though—particularly in the kind of career transition I am facing.

After writing my entry called Loving the enemy, I came across a post by Brad Lamm that included the following quote that really caught my attention. He shares that a therapist once said to him, “Brad, you have a choice. You can begin to love yourself today or you can die from all this.” I am still not entirely sure how to go about loving myself, but this quote really put the choice in perspective. I may not be struggling with the specific issues he was struggling with, but I face the same ultimate choice. Self-love is not a nice-to-have extra; it is essential. If I want to really live, I must learn to love myself. Anything else leads to death on some level.

Lastly, I had the opportunity on Thursday to begin telling a few co-workers that I will be leaving my current job in the near future. The need to keep this so secret has weighed heavily on me in recent weeks, and the relief at being able to start telling my truth about this situation was incredibly freeing. I came home to find an email in my inbox from Lissa Coffey about the importance of authenticity. The timing of this was a fantastic reminder that if I want to live an authentic life, part of that is reducing the number of secrets I need to hide. Given the amount of weight that I felt fall from my shoulders today at expressing this small secret, I can only imagine how much more I will feel when I can be more authentic about my true orientation. I know that coming out is going to be hard and that there is a good chance it will cost me some relationships, but the joy I feel at this little step toward authenticity encourages me that it will be worth it in the end.