Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas, which in this country has come to mean a season of shopping, decorating, shopping, parties, shopping, gathering with family, shopping, sending Christmas cards, shopping, eating large meals, and shopping. All in all, a fairly stressful season for most between the busyness and the pressure of expectations.

I largely opted out this year. I didn’t decorate, didn’t go to the parties, didn’t travel to visit family, didn’t send Christmas cards, and did only the most minimal of shopping.

I spent much of the day at home by myself but was lucky enough to be invited to a delicious dinner by a couple of my friends. I had a few presents from a friend to open this morning when I got up and talked to several family members on the phone to wish them Merry Christmas. I listened to a few of my favorite Christmas CDs (but even those didn’t get a listen until today). A fresh snowfall overnight added to the day’s ambiance.

And I do believe that this is probably the best Christmas I can remember. The lack of stress and pressure was the best gift I could ever have gotten. I still spent more than I can really afford, but it was less than I do most years. I hope to cut back even more next year.

The chance to sleep in and rest, to read and to ponder, to play with my cats and visit with dear friends was exactly the kind of day I love. It would have been nice to have someone special to spend the day with, but I was too busy enjoying all the blessings that the day did bring to spend time grieving that lack.

I am feeling incredibly fortunate and blessed this year. Whatever your idea of a perfect Christmas is, I hope you were as fortunate as I was in receiving the kind of day you wished for.

Merry Christmas!