Synchronicity Friday 3

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review all of the synchronicities and intuitive hits I followed throughout the last week. This week was filled with quotes and messages showing up just when I most needed them. I have already shared a few of these in posts earlier this week, but it continues to amaze me how often this has been happening lately right when I needed a particular bit of insight, encouragement, or confirmation. I’ve even had quotes that I remember the gist of but couldn’t quite remember the details suddenly appear in something I was reading!

As I mentioned on Monday, the phoenix showed up again this week in the lyrics of a song that a friend sent me. It’s a song I’ve heard many times (I have it on CD), but I had never taken the time to really listen carefully to the words. When she told me that the song seemed to fit where I am in life right now, I read the lyrics and discovered that the song was about something completely different from what I had always assumed. It does indeed fit me right now. The appearance of the phoenix the lyrics was an extra bonus.

After my perfectionism post on Sunday, I found quotes, blog posts, Facebook notes and statuses on the topic all coming my way in rapid succession. Some of these sources spurred the follow-up post on my inner critics, but I have additional items that I’m still pondering. This is clearly a matter of some importance for me to deal with right now.

My decision to continue with daily blogging after NaBloPoMo was rather quickly reinforced by coming across a blog post from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project about the importance of measuring the things that we want to increase (or decrease) in our lives. If I want my writing practice to grow, then finding a way to measure progress there is a helpful way to do this. What better way to measure it than by committing to daily posting? It was a lovely description of my gut knowing about this decision for me.

After remembering the important role of laughter in healing on Monday, I have discovered so many other things to laugh about this week. One of the funniest ones—that made me laugh so hard I cried—is the Best of DYAC (Damn You AutoCorrect) web site with examples of times autocorrect on the iPhone just didn’t get it quite right. And in some cases got it quite horribly wrong! I also discovered that there is such a thing as Laughter Yoga; this is something I may need to learn more about!

In an IM message today with a friend, I typed “hallelujah” to express my excitement about a bit of news. This is an exclamation I virtually never use. But it turned out that she was watching the Hallelujah Chorus Food Court Flash Mob video on YouTube. We both got a good laugh out of the timing on that one!

One evening when I was feeling particular fearful and worried about what other people would think of me for a decision that I am making, this quote came my way on Facebook from someone who knows nothing of the situation: “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” ~ Rumi

Each of these synchronicities by itself is small, but it continues to amaze me and bring me great joy to watch them multiply. Keeping note of these things is such encouragement!