The little things

I had a thoroughly rotten, awful, lousy day at work today. It was one of those days where my emotions were out of control, and I spent entirely too much time in tears at my desk because I’m tired and stressed and just not coping well.

But since coming home, I’ve found my way back to emotional equilibrium with an evening filled with the little things that make life worth living. Things like:

  • Coming home to find one of my cats furiously pawing at the door and crying for me to come in from the garage because he was so eager to see me (he’s never done that before). He then spent much of the evening wanting to be near me. It is good to feel so loved.
  • The excitement of actually having someone comment on a post on my blog! (SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!)
  • A wonderful piece of cherry pie (my favorite!).
  • A good, long belly laugh over the latest blog post from Havi Brooks on The Fluent Self entitled I am a professional hider. The stories from Havi and all of her commenters on ways to avoid questions that one really doesn’t want to answer had me in stitches all the way through. (By the way, I cannot recommend this blog—and this particular post—strongly enough. She’s marvelous!)
  • A nice hot soak in the bathtub.
  • A good book to read while in the tub. Books make everything better!
  • A beautiful song on YouTube shared by a friend who thought I’d find it meaningful right now: Let Me Fall by Josh Groban (another favorite). It even has a beautiful line about the phoenix in it: “Let me fall/If I fall/Though the phoenix may/Or may not rise.” The phoenix sightings continue!
  • The joy of singing along with song above. (I love the sound of his voice!)
  • An unexpected phone call from an old friend just because he was thinking of me, with the added bonus of a conversation filled with laughter and good memories of a time when I actually was part of a larger community, the closest I’ve ever had to a “home.”
  • A funny video on Facebook that made me laugh. (Laughter is always a good, healing thing. I don’t laugh nearly as much as I need to.)
  • A comment on a Facebook post from someone with whom I’ve had a tense relationship recently reminding me of a tree I once loved dearly. It was a good memory and a nice olive branch.
  • The sound of a good rain on the roof. Goddess knows we need the rain after all the dry weather we’ve had this year. My trees must be rejoicing!
  • Comfy pajamas to lounge around the house in.
  • Friends who checked in with me on IM because they know I’d had a rough day.

I guess I’m a simple person, but with an evening filled with so many little things that make me happy, I am feeling so much better about my life and my world. I have so much to be grateful for. Here’s hoping tomorrow manages to be filled with enough happy little things to make it more bearable than much of today was!


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