Synchronicity Friday 2

It’s once again time for Synchronicity Friday where I review all of the synchronicities and intuitive hits I followed throughout the last week. This last week has been filled with a lot of little messages popping up just when I needed them, among other interesting happenings.

One of the most common messages that keeps re-appearing for me this week is that of the phoenix. That’s been an image that’s been on my mind for several weeks after a powerful dream that involved a phoenix leading me through the process of creating my own funeral pyre, being burned alive, then “rising” from the ashes as a child again. However, in the last few days since I referred to the phoenix in a post, I keep finding references to phoenixes everywhere—in quotes, in poetry, and even in a card reading I did for a friend. I clearly have more to learn from the phoenix.

On a day when I was feeling really discouraged, I suddenly found myself surrounded by quotes, blog posts, and other reminders that if I keep doing things the way I’ve always done them, I’ll keep getting the same results. The cumulative effect of all of these messages was that it helped to remind me that I have more control over my future than I usually give myself credit for. I can always change my way of acting and reacting to create a new outcome. Some of these messages wound up in my post about risk this week and were an important part of the inspiration behind that. However, the thought that I really can have different outcomes in the future by creating new habits now has been a much-needed encouragement!

One outcome of this new focus was the realization that doing my writing differently has had a real impact on my ability to write. I have typically sat at a desk or table in the past when I wish to write in order to try to ensure proper ergonomics. Lately, however, I have been generally writing on my laptop on the couch. When I tried to go back to writing at my desk one night this week, I found myself as blocked as I always was in the past! It felt like work. The simple move to the couch made it feel more like play, and the words began to flow again. Here’s a change I made that has been having a great effect without me consciously making the change or noticing the impact until this week. What an encouragement!

The day after my risk post, I got the most encouraging email from TUT about how so much in life is like learning to ride a bike. It seems so risky at first, but with just a bit of courage and practice, it become second nature. The timing of this message of encouragement was perfect after having just struggled with the concept of risk and confidence! It always amazes me how often these email messages are exactly the thing I need to hear when I get them.

I rarely answer my phone when a call comes in from an unknown number. However, I had such a call on Wednesday night, and I felt the urge to answer it anyway. It turned out to be from my dad who was out-of-town using a land line in the place where he was staying. I was so grateful that I listened to that little inner nudge and answered it!

I’ve also had a number of card readings this week that turned out to be particularly appropriate, even when they didn’t seem like it at the time. I still tend to get a bit discouraged when the cards don’t seem to be making sense during a reading, so it’s always such a delight to find out after the fact that they were pointing to something that I didn’t (consciously) know yet. What a powerful affirmation that is!

So that’s my round-up for this week. Another week filled with intuition and synchronicity. What a joy it is to keep notes of these things as they happen!


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  1. Something I’ve recently gotten into is using a dowsing pendulum. Do you use one? I find it very helpful when seeking answers that can be “yes” or “no”. Similar to the cards just a little more cut & dry!

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