If I were brave

This is one of my favorite songs from Jana Stanfield‘s latest album, What Would You Do This Year If You Had No Fear? I keep this CD on constant rotation in my car because it helps to inspire me to follow the longings of my heart despite my fear. She has just released the fantastic video above created using submissions from her fans of the many brave things they have done in their own lives. The combination of this wonderful song with so many inspiring examples of women showing such great courage is truly motivational.

I keep coming back to her central question in the song: “What would I do today if I were brave?” What are the things that I am letting my fear keep from doing?

What WOULD I do today if I were brave?

I would quit my job.
I would write a novel.
I would take voice lessons and sing in public.
I would become a spiritual leader: minister, priestess, shaman.
I would come fully out of the closet and intentionally meet others to find a community and possibly someday a partner.
I would become a coach and spiritual adviser/counselor.
I would stand up for myself and refuse to tolerate being treated badly by others.
I would become a healer: Reiki, shamanic healing, chakra healing (sound, color, movement, crystals).
I would learn to rock climb.
I would write a spiritual memoir.
I would learn photography.
I would read cards for others.
I would express my emotions and my boundaries without apologizing for them.
I would become an herbalist.
I would learn to draw and paint.
I would become a yogini and yoga teacher.
I would get my piano tuned and start playing again.
I would volunteer to give Reiki in hospice to patients, family members, and caregivers.
I would buy woodworking equipment.
I would stop worrying about whether others like me, approve of me, or think I have value.
I would start my own business doing work that is meaningful to me.
I would become a death midwife.
I would learn to dance, even though I don’t have a partner.
I would become my true self—no more hiding my unique self from the world in order to fit in or not make others uncomfortable.
I would love me—just as I am.

What WILL I do today? I AM brave.

I will receive my next shamanic rite tonight and have volunteered for key roles in the ceremonial fire that accompanies the rites.
I will meet a woman I’d like to get to know better for lunch today.
I will refuse to apologize for my feelings, preferences, boundaries, or self today.
I will exercise my writing muscle by blogging today.
I will refuse to beat myself up today.

That might be a short list, but it’s something for today. And enough baby steps taken faithfully day by day make up a much longer journey. Tomorrow I plan to go by myself to a concert by a women’s choir – a choir made up of lesbians, bisexual women, and LGBT supporters – with the possibility of someday auditioning to join them. That’s a bunch of baby steps all in one! And the next day, I’ll find more baby steps to take. I’m on my way.

What would YOU do today if you were brave?
What WILL you do today?
You ARE brave.

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