Synchronicities abound

I am always amazed when I encounter synchronicities in my life, so I just have to share the two following messages that appeared in my inbox within hours of my last post about journeying into darkness.

First, I got an email summarizing Rob Brezsney’s Free Will Astrology horoscopes for the week starting today. My horoscope included the following:

“Is the highest form of courage embodied in a soldier fighting during a war? Irish poet William Butler Yeats didn’t think so. He said that entering into the abyss of one’s deep self is equally daring. By my astrological reckoning, that will be the location of your greatest heroism in the days ahead. Your most illuminating and productive adventures will be the wrestling matches you have with the convulsive, beautiful darkness you find inside yourself.” (Copyright 2010 by Rob Brezsny)

Entering the abyss of one’s deep self, eh? That sounds an awful lot like a journey into the darkness to me!

Next, I got a DailyOM daily thought entitled Not Alone in the Dark, which is all about heading into our shadow to do the work we need to do there to face the parts of ourselves that we try to deny. The entire post is well worth reading, and I found it to be a real synchronicity with my earlier musings.

Clearly I’m on the right track to have two such powerful confirmation messages appear so quickly!