I’m back!

The last few months have been ever crazier and busier than I could have predicted. The ride has been almost more than I could bear at times, but the winds (tornadoes!) of change are beginning to slow. At least I think they are. But then again, I keep thinking that things are settled only to have a new wave of change assault me.

I had hoped to keep this blog as a travel log of my journey, but life became too overwhelming to keep up. Now that I feel I am beginning to reach stable ground again, I’m back to continue exploring the ramifications of all of this change and to document the ways in which it continues to do its work on me. I am committed to making this experience a time of deep transformation and growth; I want to leave this season of change a better person than I was when I entered it.

To that end, I am glad you are joining me on this journey. May your company on the path keep me intentional and honest with myself about the places where I am growing and transforming, and the places where I am growing lazy and lapsing back into old no-longer-useful patterns.