One of Those Days

I am tired. So very tired. I’m not sure I can take one more ounce of change and upset in my life. The last few days have brought yet another change that I knew was coming, but it has been even more painful than I anticipated. I’m grieving so deeply for something I loved but am now losing. The worst part is that I cannot let any of my grief show. I want to scream my anger and pain at the heavens, but I have to present a smiling, pleasant face. I even have to assist in making the very change that is causing so much pain come to be. And everyone thinks I should be grateful for it. The unfairness of it all galls me. I am hurting, I am angry, I am so very tired.

I know I need to take a deep breath and keep on trucking, but I just want to find the pause button for a few moments of rest and stability in the madness. Just a short time to hide and regroup. I don’t want to take one more step alone. Not one. But there is no pause button. It just keeps coming.

Life goes on. It’s one of those days where that is decidedly NOT a comfort.