Change and gratitude

I’ve been off on vacation for a week and a half. I wish I could say that the time has been restful, but the time off started with yet another complete overturning of my world, and I have spent the time dealing with the aftermath of that. There is a great deal more that remains to be done, but the amount I have accomplished so far is rather amazing given the short time in which it has been accomplished. I’d like to be able to take credit for the progress made so far, but it has truly been the universe working on my behalf to allow so much to fall into place so quickly. I am humbled and grateful.

The change itself is overall a good one, although there are going to be some hard times in the transition. The change will also create some hardships for me for the future, but none are things that I cannot handle. Even this life-changing event has happened so completely in line with what I had hoped to manifest that it is clear that the universe is supporting me and aiding me. What could have been a devastatingly difficult and painful matter is flowing in a most graceful and peaceable way.

I have always been one to focus on the negatives and the downsides, but I have been learning to truly live in gratitude and trust these past months. I believe that this change in my attitude is what is causing such an amazing shift in my experience of the support of the universe in this time. May I continue to live with a focus on gratitude and a trust that the universe will provide.