I will receive my Reiki Master/Practitioner certificate this weekend when I finish my last class in the series. I have grown so much in my understanding of Reiki and in my relationship with Reiki in the last six weeks that I have been studying at this level, but I still feel so much like a novice. It’s hard to imagine myself as a master of much of anything related to Reiki!

In this case, though, I don’t know that I can imagine anyone ever being a master of Reiki in the sense of having control over it. I think that, over time, we all develop a greater ability to allow it to flow through us in service to ourselves and others, but Reiki is something that none of us ever have control over. It’s bigger than we are.

I think that being a Reiki Master/Practitioner is more about having mastery over the skills and techniques that increase our ability to channel Reiki energy, about having mastery over the knowledge of the Reiki principles and precepts, and about having mastery over ourselves to become more effective conduits. Even by this definition of Reiki Master/Practitioner, I still have a good deal of growing and deepening to do in order to develop that kind of mastery, even (or maybe especially) over myself.

However, this weekend will mark the end of my formal studies of Reiki. From this point on, I will continue studying and learning but will do so by following Diane Stien’s injunction to “Let Reiki teach you Reiki.”