Sacred space

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”  ~Joseph Campbell

Perhaps this is why I feel so lost. I do not have a sacred space at the moment. The closest thing I have is a walk in the woods a various state parks, but those are all a drive away and not a place I get to visit frequently – especially this time of year! Having wandered away from the religion of my youth, I do not have a sacred space in the form of a church, temple, or synagogue. I long to create a sacred space in my home but have not yet reached the point where I am comfortable doing so with others in the house who will not understand my current journey.

So how do I find myself without this space? Sometimes I find myself again in the eyes of a friend who truly sees me and can reflect back to me who I am. Sometimes I find myself again in the sacred act of writing my soul’s deepest longings in my journal. Sometimes I find myself again in the pages of a book at that moment when I see myself in a character, and my heart cries “yes!”

Most often I find myself again when I am able to go inward to find that inner place of stillness and wisdom, the source of my intuition and knowing – that inner place is my sacred space when I have no other and the place to which I return again and again to find myself. A physical sacred space would make this going inward easier, so my quest to build such a space is undiminished, but the realization that I carry this space with me is a comfort beyond measure. As I continue to learn the skills that will facilitate that inward motion, that inner sacred space will become increasingly accessible to me so that I may spend less time wandering lost.